Did you know Studio Ready can't advertise?

Alex here, founder of Studio Ready. I want to tell you about the censorship we've faced since our founding, so I wrote this blog post that you might find interesting. I'll also tell you how you can get $30 by sending me a text.

Did you know that we aren't allowed to advertise?

Four years ago, one week after we launched, Studio Ready was blacklisted by Facebook and Google from advertising on their platforms because we violate their policy for sexual content.

When I launched this business from my apartment in 2017, I wanted to create a brand that talked about sex frankly and was uninhibited. It would be a brand that was nonconformist, honest and uncensored. 

Google and Facebook blacklisted us within a week of launching because we are too sexual. 

They said our tagline, our customer reviews, and our photos of bare asses violate their strict ad policy. 

If I had stopped saying Sit on his face with confidence, deleted our photos of ass, and censored any mention of sex, then I would be allowed to advertise.

The easy thing to do would have been to change everything about the website, but it was deeply personal to me to keep it the way it was. The truth is our website is harmless and we've made thousands of people very happy.

I wasn't about to go back in the closet and talk about sex using code words. That's ridiculous.

I resisted them and we pressed ahead.

Studio Ready trademarked, "Sit on his face with confidence" six months later and we won a fight to keep our trademark when we were told it was too vulgar and scandalous. 

In four short years, we've gone from my kitchen table to our own warehouse in Wynwood, Miami with no outside funding. We have complete independence and we want to remain independently gay-owned and operated.

With very little advertising we've managed to create a company from nothing. We're now a team of five with over 10,000 customers in more than 50 countries.

How? Literally through word of mouth.

We have doubled our business every year primarily through word of mouth.

Instead of big advertising budgets we spend our money on expensive ingredients and excellent customer service to create the type of experience people want to tell their friends about. 

Traditional advertising is out of the question for us. The words and images we use are simply not allowed on any viable advertising platform. You're not allowed to say the word cock or mention eating ass if you want to advertise with Facebook.

There are other places we can advertise but nothing comes close to the power of Facebook and Google's algorithms. They have the market cornered.

Sure, we're growing fast but we want to grow faster. We want to launch clothing and sex toys, health products and really good lube.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know how important it is to us that you recommend us to your friends. This business lives because of your recommendations.

If you want to help us grow, send our website to your group chat, send an email, use Twitter or Instagram, or post something on your close friends list.

Take a photo or a screenshot and text it to me to claim your gift card link. I'll reply with a $30 gift card link as my thank you. My number is +1 786 583 5231

It will go a long way to help us continue growing. And it's a huge middle finger to the prudes that run the tech giants.

Love only,



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