The all new Studio Ready Pornstar Travel Kit


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The all new Pornstar Travel Kit

Studio Ready travels through time to reimagine new capsules capable of delivering impeccable personal hygiene anywhere you go.

Includes two refillable TSA approved-size Hot Coffee Scrub 2 ounce capsules reimagined with new caps to reduce product leakage in flight.

Features fast-absorbing Holt Perfecting Cream, the all new Hot Lava Masque and one hand-sewn carry pouch.

Also includes twelve individually wrapped Solo Mint Cleansing Cloths to remove dirt, bacteria, and sweat, leaving skin cleansed and hydrated. Use one cloth to cleanse your body, front and back prior to private predilections.

Studio Ready considers convenience and comfort essential to more enjoyable journeys. The singular solution is the new and improved Pornstar Travel Kit.


Before sex

In the shower, apply Hot Coffee Scrub in a circular motion. Gently massage scrub before rinsing off. Apply Holt Perfecting Cream on towel dry skin. Once or twice weekly, let Hot Lava Masque sit for up to 15 minutes on your hole or inner thighs. Use Solo Cloth to wipe down your body for Studio Ready results on-the-go.

Not included: Massage Fade gently onto desired areas after Hot Coffee Scrub on towel dry skin until absorbed. Wait 5 minutes prior to applying Holt Perfecting Cream.


(2) Two travel-size Hot Coffee Scrub 2 oz

(1) One travel-size Holt Perfecting Cream 2 oz

(1) One travel-size Hot Lava Masque 2 oz

(12) Twelve individually wrapped Solo Mint Cloths

(1) One Mediterranean carry pouch with drawstring


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