La Dolce Vita, 25 x 38 CM, Oil on Canvas


La Dolce Vita, 25 x 38 CM, Oil on Canvas

Original artwork, La Dolce Vita

  • Only one made
  • Oil painting on cotton canvas
  • 25 x 38 CM, 10 in x 15 in
  • Mounted on stretcher bars
  • Custom shipping box
  • Painted by Pascual Rodriguez
  • Original artwork

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La Dolce Vita, Oil on Canvas

I watched from the living room as Eric answered our rotary telephone in his Fiordo Thong.

"Mr. Romaguera, this is the concierge. Niccolò is ready for you."

I watched him grab a pair of white shorts off a chaise on the veranda where his pool clothes lay drying in the sun.

The Amalfi sun kissed his skin as he graced our turquoise-tiled outdoor living room overlooking the sea from Ravello. He was well-rested, fresh-faced, sun-kissed and every other hyphenated way to describe what it looks like to spend a week at the beach on the Amalfi Coast.

For this photoshoot, we scrubbed every inch of his body and oiled his skin with Sandalwood Oil. Even his tan lines were studio ready.

"It's very nice to meet you gentleman, my name is Niccolò," he says slowly with generous eye contact. Niccolò, scruffy, biceps bulging in a tight shirt, his chest hair escaped the collar of his crew neck.

Our guide was an Italian dad which made the afternoon feel even more exciting. The hotel's concierge had arranged for a local guide to take us to the most spectacular cliffside lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast for a private photoshoot.

We followed him up a narrow path, past blossoming gardens, and through a wooded forest of lemon groves until we reached a black cast iron gate at the entrance to a palazzo by the sea.

It was his home. Lemon groves as far as the eye could see.

Eric's white shorts came off before I could pick up the camera. He traversed the grove in his Fiordo Thong until we discovered an oversized tub behind a small wooden gate and the setting for this painting.

He bathed as I watched his skin glisten in the sun. He turned to show me his ass which always leaves me speechless and my only reaction was to place the other half of a sweet lemon I was eating onto his back, like a garnish for the ultimate delicacy. That was when I took out of my phone and captured the photo that became my favorite.

We call this painting La Dolce Vita, the good life, because in that moment I thought, it truly can't get any better than this. And that's what Studio Ready is all about.

For the all-new Amalfi Collection, we commissioned queer Alicante-based painter Pascual Rodriguez to create this stunning visual with oil on canvas. Weeks of planning and painting went into this piece to capture the essence of the original photo, and the water and light that kisses the delicacy we see pictured.

This oil painting on cotton canvas arrives mounted on stretcher bars and ready to be mounted. Size is approximately 25 cm x 38 cm.

Only one of La Dolce Vita has been painted.


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