Studio Ready Gym Thong Ultimate Gray


Studio Ready Gym Thong Ultimate Gray

Your every day thong

  • Made with Microsilk
  • Cools your body
  • Ultra-soft stretch cord
  • "The most comfortable thong"
  • 90% more breathable
  • Ultra-soft waistband
  • Silky stretch pouch

Price: $40

With Deal: $10 Special

$30 off

You Save: $30 (75.0%)

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The most comfortable thong

Squat low at the gym to feel this extra stretchy silky cord press against you. 

Microsilk keeps you dry and comfortable during long workouts by supporting your body's natural cooling system.

This ultra-soft waistband is ideal for those who seek maximum comfort. Wear it every day at the office or the gym, and change where he can see you.

If you have big balls, a big cock, or a belly, pick the size above your usual size. If you are unsure about your size, email us, or get one size up for maximum comfort.

XS 27-28 US
S 29 US
M 30-31 US
L 32-33 US
XL 34-36 US
XXL 37-40 US

Wash in cold water and hang dry. 

Studio Ready MICROSILK provides maximum comfort and a bulge-defining fit. 


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