Does Studio Ready offer international delivery?

Yes, and delivery is fast. Studio Ready delivers to almost every country in the world in less than 5 business days. Delivery charge does not include customs and duty fees.  

What is the cost?

The international delivery charge varies depending on the country.

There is no refund available for international orders

International shipping is tricky. So you should be aware that sometimes your order could be taxed or seized at the border. Studio Ready is not responsible, and does not offer any refunds, if your government or customs officials seize or return your order to us. Please communicate with your local customs officials if you are unsure about your government's policy regarding scrubs and creams. It will be noted that in our experience, most orders arrive without a problem.

Special offer: multiple items

To ease the burden of international delivery charges, Studio Ready charges the same rate regardless of quantity. Ask a friend to order with you to share the delivery cost.