You may not realize that Studio Ready scrubs and oils can be used together in bed too. Stimulate circulation and explore each other with mutual massages and full body scrubs. Keep a few towels nearby and some warm water to build your own romantic oasis.

Learning how to stimulate erogenous zones can enhance foreplay and help make your experience more intimate.

1. Get into position. Dim the lights and put down a few towels. Prepare warm water in a bowl and open Sandalwood Scrub.

2. Wet him. Have him lay face down and sit on his ass. Wet his body and scrub his back slowly with Sandalwood Scrub. Start with his shoulders and neck and go slow. Lift his arms and scrub his pits and sides.

3. Admire him. Press into him and let him feel your weight. Apply pressure gently. Continue to his butt, thighs, and back up again. Scrub his hole slowly and gently and admire him. Compliment his body. Finish with his hands and feet.

4. Wet him again. Turn him over and wet him again. Scrub his chest, pits, cock, and balls gently. Feel him melt in your hands. Make him beg you to continue.

5. Finish him off. Wipe him down and massage his ass, balls, back, and hole with Sandalwood Body Oil. Stroke his cock and finish him off.

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Written by Studio Ready Founder, Alex Holt

Photo credit: Sam Morris